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What is Trademark?

What is a trademark? Trademark is simply a word, phrase or symbol used to identify the source of a product. It’s the main way to protect the goodwill of your brand and the business behind it. A trademark serves two purposes. First, it identifies your goods or services and distinguishes them from those of competitors. […]

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Divorce Laws: What You Need to Know Before Getting a Divorce

While many people believe that divorce isn’t too difficult to get, it can be a long and difficult process. You should be aware of the following divorce laws and requirements before you take some steps: For example, in the USA, The court will not grant a divorce until a Texas lawyer has done their job. […]

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Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

Fundamental human rights encompass the rights at work of employees to protect them from exploitation. Undoubtedly, workers’ have faced mistreatment in the name of labor. Especially, during the Great Depression, post-WW-I and WW-II followed by decolonization and other epochs of inflation in history. Just to feed their families people worked hard ignoring the fact they […]

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