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What Are Patents, Trademarks and copyrights: Know The Differences

Before defining patents, trademarks and copyrights we need to know their background. Globalization indeed has increased competition in the world, and everyone at the individual or state level is struggling to get a step ahead. Importantly, technological and digital revolutions have brought dynamic opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop innovative goods and commodities. Undoubtedly, the developer […]

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4 Types of real estate contracts

Four types of real estate contracts play a crucial role for people who are into investing in property. As a property investor, you must know how to negotiate the terms and sign the contracts when you deal with the other party. So, the investor needs to understand different real estate contracts well. This article will […]

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How to create a commercial property management agreement?

Commercial property management agreement is created and formed by the attorney between the land owner and the manager of the property which is being hired by the landlord itself. This type of agreement contains different terms and conditions for the use of the property and it lets the landlord and manager to keep their matters […]

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